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2018 Zone A Deer Hunting Maps and California Hunting Report

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  2018 Top 10 Deer Hunts in Zone A !

Zone A hunting can be dry and downright uncomfortable,  but so what? Rifles are cleaned and sighted in, hunters are expected to  participate. Where will they go? Most will head to Mendocino,  success will be good to excellent here again.- You know private land is the most  likely place to succeed, but the best  option for the money is public hunting, Bucks will be found in National Forests, BLM, wildlife areas or state forestlands.

1 . Jackson State Forest  Hunters will find 50,000 acres in the Jackson State Forest.   Most are small, coastal blacktail  deer which hide out in thick, rugged country. It can be  hot and dry, but last year hunting  was excellent for forks, with lots of 3- and 4-pointers in the forest. Bucks  feed on blue blossoms and poison oaks, so we advise you to hunt the  clearcuts for best results 
2. Cow Mountain  There are still quite a few deer in the  Cow Mountain area north of Clear Lake.  This area  has one of the most extensive buck-to-doe- ratios in the Mendocino National Forest. Look  for deer on the cooler, north-sloping mountains where there is  shade, fewer flies and bugs and decent riparian feed near  springs. 
3. Clear Lake  There is some decent public land east of Clear Lake  around Indian Valley Reservoir, but you’ll have to do some  scouting and expect  much hiking to find your Buck.
4. Lake Sonoma Area Opportunity is limited to landowners in  this region, and northern Sonoma County looks pretty good for the Zone A rifle deer opener.    Hunters will find bucks around Big  Mountain, the Mayacamas Mountains  and Ukiah areas, but gaining access  will be difficult. 


5. Lake Berryessa  Chances are, if you can find a place  to hunt around Lake Berryessa — any-  place — you should be able to find a  buck or two.  There is a chunk of BLM land just  west of the lake at Cedar Roughs, and  hunters will find some decent bucks  here.

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